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It's June Let's Revisit Your New Year Resolution

It’s June: Let’s Revisit Your New Year Resolution

Remember when we ushered into the new year of 2022 months ago? In a blink of an eye, we are now in the middle of the year. Have you been keeping up with your new year resolutions?


Studies have shown that 91% of us won’t achieve our new year resolutions, and only a minority actually follow through to the end of the year. Most of the time, many of us struggle due to overwhelming or vague goals and lack of motivation.


Since we have six more months to go, we still have time to make progress! The first thing we need to do is set clear and small goals that lead to your bigger goal. Then all that is left is to take the first step! Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered:

Get fit and healthy


Setting a fitness goal like losing weight, shaping our body or running a marathon is one of the most common resolutions out there. The journey to achieve your fitness goal may be challenging, but it is not impossible. If you are looking to improve your stamina, tone your body or lose weight, kick start your fitness journey with F45, Star Fitness, Legacy Fitness and Black Box! Looking to pick up a new sport? There are many different activities you could do such as KBR Cycle and Titan Badminton! Don’t forget to gear up with Paragon Vest and Pan Sports for the comfort and optimum performance!

Pick up a new skill or hobby


Picking up a new hobby or skill is said to yield many benefits for your mind and physical wellbeing. A few of its many benefits include relieving stress, stopping burnout and stimulating your mind. Planning to be a bookworm? Support local by buying books from Patriots Publishing and Pustaka Chiew! Looking to learn pottery or perhaps recreate that iconic romantic scene from 1990’s Ghost? Look no further with JUN Studio and Midori Studio! They offer a variety of workshops and short courses to work your craft. If you are planning to learn cooking, baking or other creative skills, Midori Studio and Artisan Creative Studio are the way to go. Thinking of picking up a music instrument? Get started with Yusic, The Guitar Store and Beyond Music Store.

Learn something new


As the famous saying goes, “learning is a lifelong journey”. Learning a new subject expands our horizons and enables us to venture out to new opportunities and diversify our capabilities. If you are planning to improve your business knowledge this year, try out Abundant Impact, Success Edge or U Academy! Curious to learn more about finance? Urusaninsan Service Sdn Bhd is the financial education platform to go-to!

Get a new makeover


New year, new me; have you gotten your new year makeover yet? If not, there is still time to freshen up your style with fashion and beauty merchants under us! Get your new drip with SOGO, Hyperco.X, Kapten Batik and 17Gallery. Thinking of taking your class to the next level? Coolaunty, Amaboxly and Bokitta are the way to go. Wanting to restore the glow in your skin? Check out Jurlique or Neal’s Yard Remedies for their holistic and organic approach in skincare!

Your new year’s resolution is not mentioned here? The brands are not in your area? Fret not, you can browse for over 3,000 myIOU merchants all over Malaysia in various categories to kick start your resolution! At the same time, save more with our ongoing promos. Check out JOMIOU10, BONUS20 and other collaborated merchant promos for extra savings!

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