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What You Can Buy With CNY Angpau

As Chinese New Year approaches, many of us are anticipating festive activities, where we feast upon meals, snacks, drinks, visiting and catching up with our loved ones. However, there is one thing that we all look forward to every year ever since we were kids: angpaus.


Yes, the pure joy of receiving red envelopes from aunties, uncles and our relatives; thinking about the extra allowances we will be getting this year. It excites us when we open up our angpaus and calculate the sum before banking in our account. Usually, we save them up to spend later on items we require later in the year.


If you are planning to spend your angpau money post-Chinese New Year, here are the products you can buy with your Chinese New Year angpau:


  • Bicycle

    Always wanted to get yourself a bicycle but never had a chance due to lack of funds? This year, you can use your angpau to buy a bicycle! It is never too late to learn cycling, pick up a new hobby, adopt a healthier lifestyle or go green. What matters is taking the first step and having perseverance.


    Cycling is like killing two birds with one stone; it can reduce sedentary lifestyle while commuting from one place to another. It is also cost-effective in reducing transportation costs while minimizing carbon footprint to the environment. Get the best quality and trendy bikes now from local sellers such as Jass Cycles Trading and LNL Bicycle.

  • 2.

  • Music Instrument

    Many of us have at least once fantasized about learning how to play a musical instrument. However, we often turn away from the idea of picking up the skill when we look at the cost of the avocation. With the angpau this year, it is time to pick up a musical instrument.


    Let it be fulfilling your aspiration to play your favourite song, impressing your date or aweing your friends and family; learning to play music can be a good therapeutic experience and it engages your mind. Music instrument sellers such as Aarykin Music Factory and Musetone Music provide a variety of music instruments for you to choose from, ranging from electronic piano to ukulele.

  • 3.

  • Laptop

    If your laptop has been acting weirdly or not performing how it used to, it may be a sign to replace your laptop. In spite of that, replacing a laptop can be costly so we often resort to postponing at a later date; risking losing our documents and work progress when our laptop malfunctions.


    In recent years, laptops have become an integral part of our daily life; from finishing assignments to working. Having a laptop that gives way while we are still heavily relying on it will pose a major setback on us. That being said, you can buy the best and most reliable laptops from reputable IT and gadgets sellers from Brightstar Computer and Thunder Match Technology!

  • 4.

  • Sportswear

    Been wanting to get yourself a new set of sportswear to replace your old gears? Or to motivate yourself to start an active lifestyle? Nevertheless, the red envelope this year will be able to make it happen. A fresh pair of running shoes or gym pants will give you a confidence boost as you set out to your exercise routine.


    These days, awareness towards the need for exercise is on a rise; especially since the lockdown to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. To prepare ourselves better so that we can exercise with ease, it is important to equip ourselves with the right outfit. You can get a variety of good quality sportswear at an affordable price from Pan Sports and Paragon Vest.

  • 5.

  • Fashion Wear

    If your bag and glasses are worn out but still waiting for the right time to replace them, now is the perfect moment! As the popular saying goes, “new year new me”; it is time to utilize your angpau money to replace them and breathe new life into your new look.


    There is no doubt that fashion plays a major part in our identity, image and confidence. Getting yourself a fresh makeover will uplift your spirits to strive through the year. Amaboxly and Coolaunty are the go-to places for stylish glasses, bags, wallets, watches and many more!

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